Q: What lessons do you provide?

We provide:

-individual piano lessons

-individual/group music theory lessons

-individual workshop for music theory past exam papers

-individual practice lessons


Q: Are these all face-to-face lessons?

Only individual piano lessons are running face-to-face. All the other lessons are running online. However, we also provide online piano lessons at a lower rate.


Q: Are online lessons reliable? Is price still the same?

It depends on individuals. You’re welcomed to try an online lesson for the first time to see if it meets your expectation.

Our price for any type of online lessons is lower than physical lessons and is competitive in local area.


Q: How do I pay?

You can pay via:

-Online banking deposit


-WeChat payment


Q: Are lessons available during holidays?

Yes. During school holidays, lessons are not compulsory but will be provided upon request. Studio will be also running as usual during all public holidays.


Q: Where can I buy piano books?

You can get your piano books from any music stores or online.


Q: It’s my child’s first time learning the piano, how can I support him/her?

All parents and guardians are responsible for:

-supporting your child with his/her learning, engagement and behaviours during a lesson.

-getting your child prepared all the piano books, notebook and equipment for each lesson beforehand.

-supervising your child if he/she follows teacher’s instructions and the practice routine.


Q: I’m an adult beginner, is it too late for me to start learning the piano?

If you are aiming at learning piano for leisure, it will never be too late as long as you are persistent and willing to follow your teacher’s instructions.


Q: Should I buy a piano or a digital piano?

It depends on:

-your budget

-whether you have enough space

-whether you have a good condition to soundproof a piano

-whether you are determined to learn piano in the long run